Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the IRCTC Login:



Steps you will need in order to access the IRCTC Login:

1. Open this link using your internet browser:

2. Enter your username into the field provided for the username.

3. Next, enter in the next field you password to your account.

4. Click the "go" button to access your account.





If for some reason you are experiencing difficulty access the IRCTC Login, more instructions are below.

If you have forgotten your username for the IRCTC Login, read the following note.

NOTE: You will need to contact customer care in order to resolve the issue of forgotten or lost username. The contact for them is provided later in this article with the other contact information. After you recover your username, proceed with the video above or step one in the login process.

If you have forgotten your password to your IRCTC Login, follow these steps:

1. On the right of the username field is a highlighted text. This text asks if you have forgotten your password. Click that text in order to proceed.

2. Enter the user ID associated with your account into the field provided.

3. Click the proceed button to continue the process. This will give you specific instructions for recovery based on your particular account.

4. Once your password is recovered, return to the video above or the first step in the login process.




Here are some contact details regarding the IRCTC Login.

Customer Care No.: 011 39340000

Fax no.: 011-23345400

Chennai Customer Care No.: 044-25300000


For Railway tickets booked through IRCTC

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For Cancellation E-tickets:

For Mumbai Suburban Season tickets:


We hope that you are well into booking your travel arrangements and that the IRCTC Login process is so much clearer for you now. Bookmark this page for future reference. This way, you will always have the correct information in one place when you need it.